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Facing criminal charges in the Sugar Land area?

At Stornello Law Firm, P.C., we have 20 years of legal experience, and it has been an honor to produce beneficial case results for so many of the people of Fort Bend County through our criminal defense services. Attorney Stornello's past experience in prosecution gives us crucial insight that allows us to better defend your case.

Criminal convictions, whether felony or misdemeanor, are often a terrifying prospect when you are caught in the middle of the process, not knowing what the outcome of your trial might be. If you were arrested, that alone can be a traumatic experience. The consequences of conviction depend largely on the exact nature of the crime you are accused of committing, as well as any previous offenses - past records are particularly important in cases of DWI or drug crimes. In addition to immediate penalties, sex crimes also carry long-term consequences such as inclusion on a sex offender registry, which can have a significant negative impact on your personal life and career. From domestic violence to theft crimes, or even murder, whatever charges you face, you can count on our time to handle your case with the utmost professionalism and diligence.

Retain the legal counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer today.

Hiring the right defense attorney, with adequate experience and exceptional knowledge of the process, could make all the difference to the outcome of your case. We know that a lot is at stake for you, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. After hearing your side of the story, we oftentimes go out to the scenes of alleged crimes in order to gather our own evidence and construct a clearer picture of what happened. We know how the prosecution will operate, with all its strengths and weakness, and we won't hesitate to put this knowledge to work for you. To schedule a case evaluation absolutely free of charge, contact our office now.

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